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What is the largest possible stone dimension that can be installed?

There is no largest possible size, but we are limited by the size of the slabs we can get from the quarry. However, our factory facility can process these slabs into any shape and dimension of stone for your design project!

Does Polybuilding's stone meet the Building Code requirement? Have the stones been sent for lab testing?

We always work closely with our clients and consultants to meet the Building Code Requirements. We can provide factory test reports or send the stones for testing upon request.

How thick are the stones?

A typical stone slab normally comes in 2 thickness: 20mm and 30mm, unless otherwise specified.

If I were to order in large quantities of stone, how do I ensure quality control of the material?

We always involve our clients in every stage of the process, from stone selection, right up to delivery! Prior to the delivery of the stone to the site, we will always inform our clients of what they will be receiving either by photographs or having a joint inspection at our factory.

How do I find out the porosity of the stones?

You can look up the technical report for each type of stone or by conducting a local laboratory test. However, our team would be able to advise you on the general porosity and ideal application possibilities for each stone.

Can Polybuilding help with technical drawings?

Most definitely. Our in-house Studio team can assist with our client’s drawing requests.