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5 Daring Kitchen Countertops That Are Anything But “Basic”

We get it, sticking to status quo with black or white quartz kitchen countertops is easy, comfortable and safe. You might be thinking: No need to fuss about colour matching your cabinetry, wall colour, flooring, appliances to create the overall look.


We TOTALLY get it.


The “It’ll match with everything” mentality of home decor has been adapted to almost every area of the living space, a reminder of how the safe & conventional has become, unfortunately, …“basic”. Don’t get us wrong, classics are “classic” for good reason. But sometimes, experimenting with a daring material can pay off in more ways than one, give the space a very dynamic and striking aesthetic. One that would definitely earn your kitchen a few head turns from your dinner guests!


Check out these TOP 5 daring creations of these homeowners who have pushed the boundaries of their home kitchen aesthetic, incorporating fun and unique materials to liven up their living space:



1. For the Monochromatic Lovers:



Does the black & white look still resonate with your personal style? This homeowner incorporated our striking Panda White marble for his kitchen countertop island. Featuring undulating strokes of black on a white background, This natural marble gives off the look of Chinese calligraphy ink being masterfully painted onto a canvas of rice paper. This piece was paired with classic white Italian marble flooring, with subtle grey veining. Incorporating metals such as brushed steel or brass into your finishes, such as cabinet handles or tap fixtures, can add an extra special touch.


The true beauty of using natural marble in your home? No two pieces are ever alike! They are as unique as your fingerprint! A one-of-a-kind piece of nature’s art that no one can replicate.



2. Perusing a posh French Patisserie:



This homeowner used the premium American-Made quartz surface brand Cambria in Hampshire for his kitchen island countertops and matching backsplash.This surface features swirls of dark chocolate brown and light toffee shades, speckled with hints of light gold shimmer that catch warm light in the most devilishly delicious way. Best part? You can actually prepare your sweet delectables directly on this surface! Doesn’t it seem like a total drool-worthy dessert dream kitchen space? We think so.


Find out more about Cambria surfaces on our Education Page.



3. Living the Bali Villa Life:



This local homeowner integrated our Forest Green Marble for his kitchen countertops and backsplash to create to wondrous nature haven. With its earthy green hue and brown veins that emulate the look of tree roots growing within the natural stone, this marble can be easily complemented with villa-type furnishings, including beautiful arrays of wood and rattan.



4. Blue Isn’t Just For Royalty:



Blue is a colour that, amongst royal circles, has always been associated with class, sophistication, and tradition. This Sodalite Blue marble kitchen island countertop provides a modern twist to this notion, borrowing from its usual namesakes, while subverting the norm with bold cream patterns and veining throughout the stone. This adventurous homeowner chose to match classic gold tones to enhance the regal ambience. When polished, this stone’s stunning shade of royal blue truly exemplifies a kitchen fit for any king (or queen!)


To find out more about our polishing services, click here.



5. The Call of the Forest:



Your eyes are not deceiving you. Forest Black marble closely mirrors its co-resident in nature: A tree’s wood grain. This natural marble displays rolling waves of alternating tones of grey, creating a gentle ripple effect throughout its body. For a seamless appearance between the backsplash and kitchen countertop, a downturn can be created to ensure that its veining is matched as closely as possible. What better way to complement this stunning marble than with wood carpentry that subtly reflects similar patterns? talk about inviting nature into your home space. And remember: Always accent with subtle leafy green touches.

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