Marble Floor Polishing & Restoration

About Polishing: Renew a Stone’s Natural Shine

We provide professional marble floor polishing services in Singapore for both residential and commercial properties. This polishing process is ideal for your marble floor, walls, vanities, counter tops, and other natural stone applications. If you find your marble floor or wall starts to look dull, polishing will renew its natural shine. A polished finish emphasizes the shine from a light, yet does not change the natural color of the stone.

Some business owners, residential or commercial property owners may feel that after polishing a floor the natural shine should last for a while. However, foot traffic in high-traveled areas can take its toll on polished flooring and harsh chemicals, even hard water can dull polished surfaces. We recommend polishing your natural stone from time to time, or as to when you deem necessary to maintain the stone’s natural shine. Otherwise, you may engage professional services to polish or treat your marble from any damages.


About Restoration: Chip-offs, Scratches & Harsh Chemicals Etch Surfaces

Occasionally, as homeowners, business owners, architects or designers, you may require additional maintenance to care for the various natural stone applications on your flooring, walls, vanities, counter tops, sculptures, etc. Our restoration process includes professional touch ups on damaged natural stones involving chip-offs, scratches, damage by harsh chemical, moisture seepage into flooring and upending tiling, or possible everyday wear and tear in a high traffic area.

Not limited to just marble, we provide restoration for various types of natural stones (granite, travertine, etc.) according to your need.

About Polybuilding’s Aftercare services:

Every natural stone application is unique, with one marble surface differing from another marble surface. Hence, we recommend a first-hand evaluation of the site to ensure that we deliver the most suitable polishing or restoration treatment for your natural stone, to ensure a better and more long-lasting result.

Our Aftercare services include (but not limited to):
1. Marble floor polishing
2. Polishing on various natural stone applications (vanities, counter tops, etc).
3. Restoration, touch-ups on damaged natural stone applications (due to chip-offs, scratches, harsh chemicals, moisture seepage, etc).

To enquire about natural stone polishing, restoration, or any other stone care services, just drop us a call today at +65 6337 7734 or drop us an email with photos of your site requiring the services to

Other useful info:

1. Topical Sealers or Impregnators may be used on Flooring

The type of flooring you have may also determine what aftercare and maintenance are required to keep any polished flooring looking nice for quite a while. For instance, crystallisation can help keep marble floors staying nice after they are fully restored. This is because the crystallisation is a chemical process that creates a microfilm over the marble and protects its color and beauty. If you have moisture evaporating on your new polished surface, a topical sealer coats a surface and protects the stone against water. Usually, this topical sealers are made of wax, acrylic, and plastic compounds.

Impregnators penetrate even deeper than topical sealers and may provide longer lasting protection from spills and water. They penetrate below the surface to protect a stone surface. They generally are water repealing or oil repealing, but they do not stop interior moisture from escaping. Which treatment should you use, a sealer or impregnator? A professional can recommend a treatment, however, those applying it should check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying.

2. Flooring still needs General Maintenance to Stay Beautiful Daily

Dry mopping daily can remove debris and keep treated stone surfaces looking nice. However, to avoid scratching your floor, a dry and clean mop should be used. Water mixed with gentle or neutral pH-balanced cleaners will help avoid etching surfaces and keep water spots off counter tops.

Washing with water in small sweeping motions across the flooring will ensure the entire flooring is cleaned. Depending on the size of the flooring being cleaned, a damp vacuum may be used to clean up contaminants. Wet flooring should be allowed to dry before pedestrians walk on it.

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  1. Lim
    Lim says: July 31st 2018, 22:13

    Do you also repair crack line of compressed marble floor?

    • Polybuilding
      Polybuilding Author says: August 17th 2018, 14:37

      Dear Lim, sorry we do not offer restoration services for compressed marble, but still possible with natural marble. Thanks! – Polybuilding


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