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What is Granite?

Granite is an indigenous rock that is comprised of other minerals, such as quartz, mica, and feldspar. However, granite can also be comprised of other minerals. The most common minerals found in granite are black mica biotite and black amphibole hornblende. Amateurs may refer to granite as the rock that contains random arrangements of minerals in the sedimentary rock that has gone through metamorphosis. However, geologists know granite by what is called a granitoid. A granitoid has a quartz content of between 20 and 60 percent and contains alkaline feldspar instead of plagioclase feldspar. Gem dealers refer to granite as a rock with large grains.

How is Granite Formed?

Granite is formed from lava magma that has cooled and solidified. However, granite is also known as being plutonic. This means rock that is buried. This means the lava magma did not erupt and started buried on the ground. It cooled over a very long period of time and pressure compressed the minerals together that form granite rocks. Did you know that the shifting of the earth’s plates have also helped form granite? In fact, part of the earth’s crust is comprised of granite. On the moh’s scale, granite has a rating of a 7. This is partly because it also contains quartz and feldspar. These two minerals are said to be harder than steel. Scientist estimate that the earth’s newest piece of granite is 750 million years old.


What is Granite Used for?

Granite is used in a large number of construction projects (both residentially and commercially) because it is extremely hard rock and it can withstand acid rain and resist weathering. It also is extremely durable and has been for: tables, stairs, curling stones, for swimming pools, walls, flooring, counter tops, vanities, tombstones, urns, arches and ceilings. Granite has even been used to built one of America’s railroads. Granite is such a durable stone, it can be used for a variety of commercial and residential applications.


Can Granite be Polished, Tumbled, Bush Textured or Antiqued?

Granite can be finished a variety of methods and have sealer applied, if homeowners, business owners, architects, designers, and contractors wish. If you do not want your granite to have a high-gloss shine, you can ask for a matte or brushed finish. This will soften a high-gloss shine. If you are planning to place granite in a bathroom, you may want to use a flamed or brushed finish. This makes it ideal for showers because it is more slip resistant. However, granite isn’t just great for indoor applications. It is also durable enough to use outdoors and it requires little maintenance wherever it is placed.


How Do You Care for Granite?

Clean granite counter tops, walls and flooring with warm water and a few drops of mild dish detergent. Wiping the area clean with a microfiber cloth will avoid scratching the surface, though granite does not easily scratch. This is why it is ideal for high-traffic areas. However, you might want to avoid acidic cleaners because they may damage the finish on granite flooring, counter tops, etc. Stains that sit on granite can cause discoloration the longer they are allowed to stay. However, using a mild talc powder and water can allow you to form a paste over a stain. Cover the area with plastic wrap and tape down the edges. This allows the paste remove the stain from the granite. The paste forms a moisture in order to “lift” a stain. Once the stain dries, wipe with a sponge. You may have to repeat the process a few times to get the stain out.


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  1. Zack
    Zack says: July 7th 2018, 22:30

    can you send me a catalog of your granite slabs? I’m thinking about it for my kitchen counter top. please include prices.

    please do not send me black granite or those that are commonly used in hdb estates especially bus stops.

    i’d prefer, white variety, blues, greens, light colors and interesting veins/patterns. my email is listed below. thank you

    • Polybuilding
      Polybuilding Author says: August 17th 2018, 14:33

      Hi Zack, thank you for your enquiry with us. We have dropped you an email for your kind consideration. Cheers! – Polybuilding

  2. Sze Ying Goh
    Sze Ying Goh says: October 12th 2018, 12:24

    I am looking for a huge slab of granite measuring 50cmH x 150cmW x 75cmD, cored on the underside to reduce weight of the granite block. Can you please send me a quotation?

  3. deeyah
    deeyah says: February 12th 2019, 15:41

    Hi do u do granites for flooring ?

    • Polybuilding
      Polybuilding Author says: February 14th 2019, 09:29

      Dear Deeyah, apologies for the late reply! Yes we do provide granite for flooring. If you have the sqm area & type of granite you’re looking for, you may email us for us to quote you. Thank you 🙂


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