About CAMBRIA® Quartz

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What is Cambria®?

Cambria® is America’s leading brand in high-quality natural quartz surfaces. The collections include a wide choice of quartz designs to fulfil your surfaces needs, be it contemporary, modern, classic or elegant designs with a hint of jewel-like shimmers. Cambria® prides itself in rigorous quality checks, understanding your need for beautiful yet durable natural stone surfaces. We are privileged to be the exclusive partner of Cambria and you may have a first-hand view of our Cambria® collections samples in our Tuas showroom.
Today, you can experience the best of Cambria® quartz surfaces in your very own home!

For more information on the brand, visit Cambria® at cambriausa.com.

What are the Characteristics of Cambria®?

1. Strength & Durability
Cambria® quartz is far more durable than granite or marble. It is less prone to scratch, chip or stain, making it a worthwhile long-term investment for your surface.

2. Hassle-Free Maintenance
Unlike granite and marble requiring periodical sealing and polishing, Cambria® maintains its colour and shine for a prolonged period of time. Washing or maintenance is a simple affair; just wipe the surface down with soft cotton cloth, warm water and a mild soap.

3. Promotes a Healthier Environment
The nonporous and non-absorbent qualities make Cambria® a safer, more hygienic surface option. It is resistant to moisture seepage from raw or leftover food, which would likely spur bacteria growth.

4. Top American quality within Southeast Asia
You can now experience the finest of USA’s natural stone within Singapore. Polybuilding offers professional fabrication and installation of Cambria® products according to your needs.

What is Cambria® used for?

Cambria® is best for your interior & furniture stone needs, be it for kitchen tops, table tops, countertops, vanities, even walls and flooring.

What are the Different Finishes of Cambria®?

Cambria® collections naturally come in polished/high gloss finishes, with the all-new Cambria Matte™ finish recently added to the collections.

How do you Clean Cambria®?

Cleaning Cambria® is a simple wipe-and-go convenience! For a more thorough cleaning, just wipe the surface down with soft cotton cloth, warm water and a mild soap. As a general rule for most stones surfaces, do not place and move abrasive products directly on Cambria® or place extremely hot or cold objects. Use coasters, trivets or placemats for the objects before placing them on Cambria®.